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We are specialized in producing steel door(metal door), armored door, interior wood door, interior PVC door,solid wood door, fire-proof door, sectional garage door for exterior, entrance, external, entry door and Interior door.
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Aluminium Alloy Door    J10006
Available Colours:

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Aluminium Alloy Door



    1.Material:aluminum alloy

    2.Style:side hung door,sliding door,upper rail sliding door,folding door

    3.Panel:adornment art glass panel,tempered glass panel or implosion-proof glass panel

    4.Frame outer size



    5.Door leaf thickness:35mm

    6.Door frame thickness:80mm-300mm

    7.Material thickness:0.6mm-1.2mm,various options

    8.Colour:champagne,white,deep red,red sandalwood,sapeli,black walnuts

    9.Accessories:door lock,hinges

    10.Lock handle position:left or right



    1.Our aluminum alloy door have the characters of environmental protection,moisture resistant,

       colour retention,anti-corrosive and long service life

    2.Aluminum alloy shell, elegant, excellent heat dissipation

    3.Good surface treatment with advanced equipment and superb technology

    4.Available in various design

    5.Competitive price and services

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