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We are specialized in producing steel door(metal door), armored door, interior wood door, interior PVC door,solid wood door, fire-proof door, sectional garage door for exterior, entrance, external, entry door and Interior door.

What are your delivery periods from ordering the door?

Time period of delivery always depends on the particular order. It begins by measuring the sizes for [detail]


Do interior doors contain any formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is naturally present in all wood-based products. So, the question to ask," Is there add [detail]


I am interested in getting your doors. How should I proceed?

Thank you for your interest in our doors. We have more than 100 deputies around the world. Let [detail]


Do you provide any warranty service?

Our deputies provide professional warranty service, after-warranty service, various services such as [detail]


Where can I see the catalogue of your doors?

You can find all information about our doors, that means even more that you will find in a [detail]


What is the difference between doors made for abroad and at home?

All doors from our production, no matter to which town or country they are exported to, are produced [detail]


What is the payment term?

1).30% deposit upon confirmation of order, balance before delivery. 2).Irrevocable L/C At Sight. [detail]


CFR or CIF will be accepted?

With fulll position support from our own forwarder, we supply timely delivery and shipment. [detail]


Can I use my own logo and design?

Can I use my own logo and design? Yes. OEM is welcome. We have technical team to bear new ideas an [detail]


Do you also manufacture your doors, or do you just sell them?

That is a very good question and important for each customer. we have  our own production and m [detail]


May I ask for exclusive agent right in my country?

We welcome you to be our long-term cooperator in this field. As we have strict principle to entitle [detail]


How to place an order from you?

Please send us your purchase order by email or fax, Or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice [detail]


Can I fit an internal doors to the outside of my house?

NO. You must never fit an internal door outside or fit an external door inside. Due to the [detail]


Can I use a storm door in front of my entry door?

Storm doors can be used, but should NOT be used in conjunction with doors painted or stained with da [detail]


What should my rough opening size be?

The same size as your door, The door fits against the opening from the inside. The opening should be [detail]


How can I be sure that the door is really fireproof door when I paid for this treatment?

There is a simple answer to this question: if itr is a fireproof door, you will receive a fireproof [detail]


Why sapele is widely applied for the wooden door?

The sapeles which widely used are from African. They are gloss. The texture interlocks, the structur [detail]


What should I use to clean my door?

Any products with tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP), such as Soilax, or diluted Spic-n-Span. In areas where [detail]


Are your doors made from solid timber or are they veneered?

Due to environmental awareness and in the interest of continued improvement, we reserve the right to [detail]


Are the doors you wish to purchase constructed using the best methods available ?

Here are some points you should look out for: External doors should either be jointed using tradit [detail]


What to think about before buying a door?

There are a number of points you should consider before you purchase a new door, either for yourself [detail]


Does my steel door require maintenance?

We recommend the following maintenance be performed on an annual basis (please refer to the installa [detail]


Buy doors or make doors?

When considering decorating a new house, many people are confused by whether buy doors or make doors [detail]


The difference between solid wood door and compound wood door.

The traditional solid wood from inside to outside is a kind of the same material; The core and the i [detail]


Entry Door Knowledge

There are three main materials to consider when shopping for a front door£ºsteel, fiberglass and woo [detail]


how to conduct a reasonable maintenance for Solid wood door ?

On how to make solid wood furniture, maintenance and repair, let me introduce you my own experience: [detail]


How to upkeep the wood doors?

In our daily life how to upkeep the wooden door, it is a big question. Firsty,use the cotton foular [detail]


How to select doors for your house?

Front door is so easy to buy from the markets. Except the cost, you should know what style can fit i [detail]


Why have composite wood doors in your home?

When it comes to buying a composite wood door, there¡¯s a lot to take into account. One thing for su [detail]


How to recycle a favourite wooden door?

If you are a person who loves to recycle, you may not like to throw away anything that can be used a [detail]


When should I replace my existing door?

You should replace your old door if the metal framing has started to rust or the glass has cracks or [detail]


Does installing a steel door add security to a home?

Absolutely, our steel doors are virtually indestructible. The strong 22-gauge hot-dipped galvanized [detail]


How long does it take to install a steel door?

The average installation of a steel door would take 2-4 hours. [detail]


What style and color options can you offer?

Junda's doors come in a variety of styles and colors, as well as many different glass options and si [detail]


How to find the right Solid Wood door on a Budget

How to find the right Solid Wood door on a BudgetIt`s a complex relationship between compass positio [detail]


Should I book a joiner before my doors are delivered?

ABSOLUTELY NOT always waits until your doors is delivered before arranging a joiner. We have great f [detail]


Is it guaranteed?

Goods supplied by Junda Doors Ltd are guaranteed from defects in manufacture for twelve months [detail]


Can you ensure a consistent look throughout your house?

We offer a complete family of doors that are matched in design. Please refer to our products range m [detail]


How should I care for and clean my stainless steel door?

The simplest and preferred method is to use clean water or glass cleaner and a soft towel to dry it [detail]


May i know Delivery and Storage

All components should be checked at the time of delivery to ensure that they are in accordance with [detail]


Do you carry the doors in stock?

Due to the huge range of doors we offer, it would be both physically and financially impossible to h [detail]


Can you deliver to me?

Yes we can! Please check our delivery charges for more details, or feel free to call one of our team [detail]


Do you have a printed brochure?

We don't do a printed brochure anymore for a couple of reasons: As we can show all of our products o [detail]


Can you supply door handles, hinges and locks?

Yes we can. Just click on the relevant categories from any page on our website! [detail]


Do you have a showroom?

YES! You will be able to look at and feel a huge array of doors including a Full size working displa [detail]


What door sizes do you offer?

We offer all the sizes we can. If our supplier/importer stocks it, we offer it. The easiest way to c [detail]


How thick are your doors?

The standard thickness of our internal doors (imperial size) is 35 mm, 30 minute Fire Doors are 44 m [detail]


Can you stain the doors for me, or advise me on the proper treatment?

Yes we can! Our trained staff can advise on the most suitable finish for your new door(s). We use, s [detail]


Are your external doors fully weatherproof?

We would strongly advise that all of our external doors be protected by means of a porch or similar [detail]


How does a steel door compare to a wood door?

Junda steel door offers a much higher level of security to your home. Also, steel doors will not war [detail]


What style and color options can you offer?

Junda steel doors come in a variety of styles and colors, as well as many different glass options an [detail]


What is your adjustable hinge system?

The patented adjustable hinge system featured on Junda doors allows simple adjustment of the door (5 [detail]


On a 6-8" door where is the door prep for the handleset and dead bolt from the bottom of the door?

33-1/16" from bottom of the door  or 34-13/16"  from the floor. [detail]


Will the handlesets offered by Clopay fit on every entry door?

Yes with the following exceptions: Handlesets will not fit on the 2-10" Craftsman entry door. The Fl [detail]


What size are the lock blocks on the entry doors?

Smooth Fiberglass and Steel - 12". Arbor Grove, Rustic and Craftsman Collections have wood running t [detail]


What is the bore height from the bottom of the door?

34.813" [detail]


Can we supply fire rated entry doors?

Yes in Smooth fiberglass or Steel, 6-8" & 7' heights, standard widths, jambs are finger-jointed [detail]


What is the thickness of the Clopay entry door?

1-3/4" - Thickness Tolerance 1.72" +/- .031 [detail]


What is the weight of a solid textured fiberglass door?

About 70 lbs. [detail]


What is our actual door slab size?

3-0" x 6-8"  slab measures 35-3/4" x  79".  2-10" x 8-0" measures 33-3/4" x 79" [detail]


What are the dimensions for a packaged entry door?

72" wide, 85" tall and 8" thick for a door with 2 sidelights [detail]


Does Clopay have storm doors?

No. [detail]


Can an entry door unit be prepped for a storm door?

Yes, however on a continuous sill unit we can only provide the storm door prep on 4-9/16" jamb. [detail]


What is standard on a fiberglass door?

Composite jambs, brickmould and mull covers, ball bearing hinges [detail]


What is standard on a steel door?

Finger jointed pine jambs, brickmould and mull covers, ball bearing hinges. [detail]


Where are door viewers installed?

57" from the bottom of the door only on smooth and steel. Door viewers cannot be installed on textur [detail]


Does the speak easy have weather stripping?

No. [detail]


Can a kick plate be put on an entry door?

Yes. The textured fiberglass panels require the 6" kick plate. The smooth and steel panels can use e [detail]


Does the mail slot have an internal "privacy flap" so that the interior of the home can't be seen when the exterior flap is opened?

No, there is no interior privacy flap. [detail]


Can Clopay provide an entry door slab with no hinge prep?

Yes, in Steel or Smooth fiberglass. There is a $25 List up-charge and two weeks is added to the lead [detail]


Can we install a door knocker on entry doors?

No, there is no reinforcement where the knocker would be placed. [detail]


What is the width of ADA sills?

The ADA sills are roughly 5-5/8" and 7-5/8" [detail]


How high is our regular (non-ADA) sill?

1-3/4". [detail]


Are entry doors Energy Star qualified?

Yes, with the exception of miniblinds which are clear glass [detail]


What is the lead time for Clopay entry doors?

3 weeks. Exceptions are transoms with decorative glass and 16" sidelights [detail]


Can Clopay provide a 2'4" x 6'8" entry door?

Yes, in steel in a flush design only. There is a four week lead time. [detail]


What is the maximum cut-down?

6" maximum, 3" top, 3" bottom in 1/2" increments. We cannot cut down the width of an entry door. [detail]


Does Clopay have a fixed/active door?

No. We offer only an active/active double door. [detail]


Can we build a jamb wider than 6-9/16"?

Yes, in primed pine or oak only, not composite. However, if the jamb is over 6-9/16" our sill will n [detail]


Where does the corner pad go?

It is installed on top of the threshold behind the weatherstrip. [detail]


When I order a standard transom does it include brickmould?

Yes, the brickmould is installed. Interior casing is also included. [detail]


Does Clopay pre-finish entry doors?

Yes, we will stain any of the Arbor Grove, Rustic or Craftsman entry doors in one of eight stain col [detail]


Does my entry door require maintenance?

Yes, the entry door finish must be maintained. If the door is stained it should be top coated every [detail]


What is the Clopay entry Door warranty?

 fiberglass doors have a Limited Lifetime warranty. Clopay steel doors have a 10 year warranty. [detail]


Can I buy a Clopay entry door to complement my Clopay garage door?

Yes, Clopay entry doors can complement many of the Clopay garage door, color, design and window opti [detail]


How much does an entry door cost?

The cost depends on many factors such as the panel material, the glass, the panel design and other o [detail]


What are the door specifications?

High quality PVC, extruded by Synseal Shield. Shootbolt locking mechanism ensures maximum securit [detail]


What's the difference between PVC bi folding doors and aluminum bi folding doors?

As well as a smoother, more reliable, better looking and more durable system, PVC can be used to m [detail]


What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of each Threshold Option?

Top Running - The bulk of the gearing is at the Top of the door. Ad: The threshold/up-stand at t [detail]


What opening styles are available?

There are many different opening options, from a 2 panelled door to a 7 panelled door, with differ [detail]


Are the doors internally or externally glazed?

Internally, this increases security as there is no access to the beads from outside the property. [detail]


Can the doors open in or out?

both are ok [detail]


Ideally how wide should each individual panel be?

There is a weight limit on each panel of 80kg, we recommend you do not exceed 900mm per panel, and [detail]


How do I measure the opening?

For the width, measure your aperture width in 3 separate places and then deduct 10mm off your smal [detail]


How do I order?

Once you are ready to place an order, either email us on sales2@jundachina.com or call us on 86-57 [detail]


How do the doors come delivered?

All of our doors are delivered on our own transport. They come in 1 piece, ready to install [unles [detail]


What are your terms for delivery?

We ask that all products are inspected on the day of delivery. If there are any problems with our [detail]


Are they easy to install?

They are easy to install if you have experience in fitting windows or doors. The doors come comple [detail]


If I require assistance with the fitting, are you able to help?

If you require on-site assistance, a minimum call out charge of £50.00 per hour, including t [detail]


Do you Install?

We offer an installation service within and around the M25. However, if you require an installatio [detail]

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